Our Story

The roots and inspiration for Organic Alley
Organic Alley is the fruition of one woman’s dream to help others and to bring out the natural and true beauty of Filipino women and women all over the world – inside and out – without compromising either health or the good of our Mother Earth.

Aliw Del Rosario, founder of Organic Alley, is a graduate of Mass Communications from Miriam College and is currently completing her Masters in Management from the University of the Philippines Baguio.

Having been raised in the Summer Capital North of the Philippines at a time when its Pine trees were robust, its produce free from artificial growth enhancers, its air crisp and pure, and its people ever so honest, warm and kind; and having lived a number of her professional years in metropolitan Cebu and Manila, Aliw fully understands natural beauty, how stark is its contrast against superficial and artificial, and how significantly it impacts personality.

Stress, unhealthy eating habits and the polluted air of Manila has not spared Aliw from skin problems common among students back when she was in college. She tried many skin solutions in vain at the time and ended up using her own formulations born out of research and desperation. Until about a year ago, she has shelved pursuing her dreams for Organic Alley, giving way to work, family and study.

Today, Aliw is a strong advocate for beauty as a necessary pillar to a woman’s confidence, self-esteem, strength and personality. Beauty as a complement to one’s intelligence. Beauty as a gift that is our responsibility to protect and nurture. Beauty that goes beyond looks, emanates from the heart, and grows from family, good food, laughter with great friends, keeping fit and dare-devilish biking!

Beauty, after all, is upon us out of our Lord’s grace and goodness.

Before she gets busy with Organic Alley, Aliw’s first priority are her 2 boys, Justin Thomas and Hans Mazimus. These boys are their mom’s real life heroes.

Aliw and Organic Alley supports women needing treatment for cancer and children who require developmentaly therapy.

To connect with Aliw, email ali@organicalley.me.